We love telling stories…yours or ours.

Rare Light Media is a media company specializing in creating digital content (though we still embrace print when it shows up at our door). We provides services that range from still photograph, video production & 360 degree virtual tours to script writing and graphic design…or maybe you even need original music.

We hand-pick our artists, designers, writers, cinematographers & photographers, for each project. This approach gives us maximum flexibility and produces work that’s intriguingly creative.

We’ve also been around the block several times. So while we aren’t a new company, we are taking the long and steady road to build a fresh approach to content creation and strategy to help our clients been seen in a new light.

Check out our opening salvo, Selva Oscura, a collaborative music documentary filmed in the Pennsylvania Wilds that captures our work ethic and vision.


It’s our way of guiding you through the process to make good business decisions and it happens throughout the process, from pre-production until release of our final work for you. Consulting is exciting for us. Our goal is to find the solutions with you and begin to carve out all elements of a project.

  • Determining Workscope
  • Finding the Message
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Integration

  • End to End


We believe in using a wide net to find the best fit when we create a team of creative professionals that have diverse backgrounds ranging from marketing, tech, visual imagery, music and our favorites: practicality, humor and common sense.

  • Art Direction & Storyboards
  • Photography, Cinematography & Time Lapse

  • Music Editing & Composing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Integration


Here’s where rubber meets the road. After production is completed, our goals are to create deliverables that will help bring a measured return on your investment when you chose to hire us.

  • Still Images
  • Web & Cinema Ready Video
  • Print Ready Design & Graphics
  • Music Scores & Song Licensing




Film & Video

Graphic Design


Virtual Tours

Art Direction

Social Media Content

Music Production

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