Trailer for Scorched: Mine Fires in Pennsylvania Coal Country

Scorched, a documentary short about coal mine fires in Pennsylvania, has been circulating through the festival circuit for almost a year. When we started this project, filming coincided almost exactly with the founding of Rare Light Media. But instead of writing copy and designing a website, we were on frozen mountainsides in Carbondale, Ashley, Shamokin and Centralia looking for steaming vents from fires deep below us.

The festival circuit has been kind to Scorched. It’s been an official selection in 9 festivals to date, which kicked off 2017 with a positive vibe even though the subject was grim.

But there’s still a few more possibilities to watch a story about the coal mine fires. We’re still awaiting word from another 9 festivals (Illinois, Ghent, London, Amsterdam, Oregon, Louisiana, Ann Arbor and San Francisco)  before we release for all. But if you have 7 minutes and want to learn about Pennsylvania on fire, just send an email and we’ll send you a link and a password.