Project Brief

Beyond The Breaker is a film about the Huber Coal Breaker, but more so it’s about community and was our introduction to NE Pennsylvania and its complicated history full of triumph and tragedy.

The Challenge

This journey into filmmaking lasted 7 years. Perseverance was needed to fully understand the industrial and cultural heritage and do the story justice while maintaining commitment from a devoted cast and crew.

The Solution

Luck it really just opportunity realized and that’s how we found ourselves in a position to finish this film. Beyond the Breaker is a documentary short released in 2020 and after a private screening for the people of NEPA the film is set for the festival circuit.

Behind The Scenes

Spenser Michaels, Storyboard Artist

Cast, Crew & Festivals

  • John Welsh — Director & Producer
  • Alana Mauger — Writer & Producer
  • John Welsh — Cinematography
  • Aerial Cinematography — Jim Krisovitch, Chris Murley
  • Sheila Hershey & Brian Fitzy — Music
  • Bill Best
  • Ray Clarke
  • Sue Hand
  • Andrew Hart
  • Robert Hughes
  • Bob Wolensky
  • Phil Voystock

Official Selections 2020:

  • Miami Independent Film Festival
  • Sanford Independent Film Festival