Project Brief

History is often forgotten, and in the case, almost washed away. The historic Boy Scout island campsite, known as Treasure Island, is located in the Delaware River and was getting a makeover. The need to bring awareness to this restoration and preservation project was first on the to do list to help to sustain the effort.

The Challenge

With summer coming to a close, and rain storms that made crossing the river a bit tricky, we had only a limited window of time to align schedules with campers and the volunteers who were working on its preservation.

The Solution

Partnering with art270, we filmed, edited, and created the voiceover read by the Phillies announcer, Tom McCarthy.  And with some research, we assembled a collection of footage, old photographs and aerial shots of the island for a piece that reflects the traditions and legacy of the campsite.

Behind The Scenes

Spenser Michaels, Storyboard Artist